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    Exclamation One of you made this design.. Who was it???

    I bought this template off of someone who originally bought it from someone here. I got sort of taken advantage of by the seller, but I chose not to stress over it.

    Anyway... Im looking for a redesign of the page. It simply just doesnt have the space for me to put what I want on it.

    If anyone else is interested in redesigning, contact me.

    As far as price range goes, it really depends. I already bought a template that was purchased for $40 for $170.00 because I was told it was exclusive custom design. Blah blah blah.. Hopefully I can work something out with someone.

    Nick Bianco

    My ideal site:
    A mix of my site, with

    Im not into much of that high tech stuff..

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    Then you only need move, resize, transform but nothing about creativity?

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    Well yes.

    And maybe some things added, changed.. a place for domain reg.

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    Or possibly even a complete redesign, with a mix of my site and hostgator as the inspiration..

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    Hello, i can do the kind of work you need.

    Obviuosly if you need a full redesign it woul be more time and money.

    I think the best way to get something good and dont waste too money is using your template and redesign it but not fully.

    Im an artist more than a designer so the hardest thing to me is the composition more than the graphics... graphics are easy.



    Let me know what do you think, please.
    If you are interested you can contact me directly to [email protected].

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    Sorry about what happened to you....

    It's always best to work together with a real person than go at it alone!

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    Hello, Can help you out with you're design, $50 for our work, open to negotiation, flash can be added to anything we design as well..

    ---Portfolio Site--- - can be customized if this is what you're looking for

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    Looks familiar..... can you check your records for the name or post of the person you bought it from?

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    I am very interested in all offers. I am very busy tonight, but the design is at so you can take a look!

    Thanks for all of the responses.

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    We made 1 unique hosting design.

    View Here:
    Price: 50$

    and contact us at
    yahoo : ideas2designs
    hotmail : ideas2designs


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    Hi there,

    We have added our latest product to the list, please visit our website for more info:

    If you are interested in a custom design, contact us:


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    I would be glad to give you a hand
    Have a look at which is my latest project
    You can also take a look at for my portfolio

    If you're interested, you can contact me by email at yougagnon[at]
    Or on MSN, also at yougagnon[at]


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    Yep I remember that design too. But who was it.. I remember he had a hard time selling it for a while... Oh well.
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    I've seen this template on boxedart as well a while ago. If you got it for $170 then it was a real rip off. They have a monthly/yearly subscription and you can download as many templates as you like. I thinks it's 49,95 for monthly ...
    Lorand R. Minyo
    Co-Founder @ Neveli

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    Someone had it posted on here as an exclusive template that they made..

    Then a host bought it..

    And I purchased it from the host with my reseller plan.. got completely ripped..

    That is why somebody with a good heart should do this for free

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    No. It was orifnially designed for a contest at If I have time I will try to find the thread.

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    Hmm, I don't remember that design, but if it was made on YaXay, it'd be easier to find the post there than here. Yaxay is alot smaller.

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