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    unknown processes running in windows


    i have a windows 2003 server and i have alot of cmd.exe processes running. As far as i am aware cmd.exe is command prompt. What i dont understand is why have so many running. I have Ensim Pro. does Ensim use cmd.exe alot or something?

    Also, i have two Python.exe running, is this supposed to be?

    And whats more strange is that i have some php scripts on my site and everytime someone opens a php script, my windows process shows php.exe open but if more than one people access the php file i have soo many php.exe's open and my cpu usage shoots to about 90%. someone told me that this is because i have the CGI module of php installed and that i should switch to the ISAPI module. Can anyone please verify this and tell me if this will help and how?

    thanx in advanced.


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    You definitely want to use an ISAPI PHP. Basically (someone more technical correct me if I'm wrong in the details here, but the principal is correct) the ISAPI PHP starts up a single process which is used to handle all PHP requests. The CGI doesn't do anything until someone calls it and then for each request it creates a process, handles the request and kills the process.

    Firstly this means that using a CGI PHP, 200 simultaneous requests gives you 200 processes and gives your server heartburn. Secondly it means that even with low loads, processing is slower than it should be as a process needs to be started and killed for every request.

    Definitely try out an ISAPI PHP - although like everything I suggest you install it on a dev server and test all your scripts thoroughly before you go to production as it SHOULD perform exactly the same, but there's should and then there's software

    Best Wishes,

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