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    * Begginer using Java, please need help using data from one class in another

    hi guys I need someone to help me out, I am a begginer in Java, I am trying to figure out how to use data from one class in the other for example, this is the problem that I am working on:

    Write a Java program that prints in alphabetical order, the academic standing of an unspecified number of undergraduate students. The initial data for a student comprises of the student id, the last name and first name of the individual, or the student id, the first name, last name, and GPA. Provide for change of GPA in your program.

    The standing for a student follows the following rule: GPA 3.5 or better indicates excellent standing, 3.0 but less than 3.5 - good standing, 2.5 but less than 3.0 not so good, below 2.5 not good.

    1. The data for each student is contained in a class called Student.
    2. A class called Undergraduate manipulates the Student record for instance, it receives change of GPA for a given undergraduate student.

    All i need to figure out is how do i manipulate data from the Student class in the Undergraduate class please someone help me as soon as possible, thanks

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    Its called Arguments.
    You need to read some books.
    You seem like you have 0 knowledge ...

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