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    DNS Server/Service


    Is there a small freeware DNS Server that I can run on a Windows 2000/XP or even Win9x Workstations in the background?


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    I used WinBind couple of years ago.. it worked great (well at the time)

    it was on windows 95...

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    I will do a search for the application, but by any chance do you know the URL for the application or may still have it on a drive somewhere?


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    I could not find anything on this application.
    I want to run several backup DNS servers on Windows Workstations, these workstations will most likely be Windows 2000/XP systems. (If Win9x are supported that is good too).

    So, these workstation DNS servers will not be the primary DNS, thus restricting the user from editting the DNS settings.

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    powerdns should work on windows. we use it for some pretty complex stuff in linux-land and it works very well.

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