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    Question Outsourcing sales

    I was wondering if anybody is familiar with a service that would take on sales efforts for web host?

    I am thinking of launching a live chat solutions to communicate with our web site visitors and possibly phone sales. Are there any companies that would take on these sales tasks? And if yes, do you think it would be worth the investment?
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    I am assuming that these will be passive sales people?

    What I mean is, they will not be generating new sales leads... just there to just answer pre-sales phone calls and questions? Will you still be handling all of the marketing and generation of new leads yourself?

    It really helps to have someone that is VERY familiar with your company, services and facilities to be able to convey this information to the potential customer. An outsourced sales person be may to far removed to be passionate enough to sell your services effectively. Especially if they are just getting a monthly service fee, versus commissions. Also, if they happen to be outsourcing sales for other hosting companies, whats to stop them from referring these potential customers elsewhere?

    Its one thing to outsource support tasks, but sales is different. Next to your website, your sales team is the customers first impression of you and your company.

    Just my $.02.

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    Of all the things you could outsource, you should really keep your sales in house. Back when I worked in finance, the only of us that actually had jobs after the outsourcing movement were in a sales capacity of some fashion

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    You should keep your sales in house, you can start an affiliate program where people sell your hosting, but phone calls and all your should do them yourself or hire some part-time workers locally. thanks

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    While we do pre-sales support, we typically recommend our customers to keep most of the sales efforts in house since they know their business better than anybody.

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    Ditto to everything everyone else said in this thread.

    Sales is where you generate your revenue - if you don't have someone on the other line who knows the ins and outs of your business, you'll lose some valuable sales.

    Tech support on the other hand, is definately outsourceable, although I don't recommend outsourcing anything that puts the client in direct contact with the outsourcee for more reasons than one.
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    Your key to success is your sales force. When they are under your wing you can monitor them to see where they go wrong, learn from their experiences, people working together will benefit the whole organization. Lots of practice and patience is need to sell properly, your in-house team knows most about your business and its USPs, they will be able to sell better than anyone else. Affiliates are always a good choice.

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    If you out source sales, then there is a risk that the those pople my just take your bussiness away by using your name. Don't outsource sale, only outsource technical stuff.

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