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    I would like to know if any of you has used services from . Any feedback will be appreciated.


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    I use there services for a couple of months almost and they are great. I have the admin in my contact list on msn and always get great support or answers to any questions I may have right away. I am not sure if it always the same person but if it is they must not sleep. Matter of fact just today I had a problem with the cpanel version of tomcat and it crashed apache and they fixed it right up. I highly recomend them.

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    We have one server with them for about two months. Everything is running smoothly, no problems at all.
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    I have one server with them and i must say, excellent pings from Netherlands (Europe). Also their support by msn is great. They always help you out when you need to. And it looks like the guy only sleep like 3 hours a day, he's always online to give support.

    I recommend u server4sale!
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    There support is great! But I didn't like the server.... It had a really bad connection to the network...... Other than that it was great!

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    the server is great. They would help you with any questions u have about your server. Moreover, the server uptime is rarely down. I have been with them more than a month and get no down time. A+++

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    I've been their customer on and off for almost 8 months. The support the first 6.5 months was excellent. The only problem was Nocster's little fits with the DDoS overloads. The support is / was amazing. The admin I know on AOL is the most helpful, quick, and honest I've ever met. He's 1/2 the reason I went back to server4sale when I needed to get a more powerful machine. Be back to this topic in a bit.

    It got really annoying at one stage in Nocster with frequent downtimes, and packet loss, and I saw that was offering really low prices. The server was almost $ 20 less than what I was paying and it was much faster and much more ram.

    I know a lot of people have had problems with being unreliable - I've had only about three incidents with them that were bad. The last one was particularly bad. The reliablily after about three months was much less than I liked. And when I got a big hostee who was going to invest a lot of money - I needed more reliable network, and I actually paid the $99 setup from SM to get a Celeron machine that was much lower in specs - just so that I would be on a more reliable network.

    However - my server started to behave really oddly - the loads of 40 - 700 started happening, and I couldn't stop them. The support wasn't much help. I had massive dataloss. Backup of the backup drive was even bad

    We managed to get about a 99% of the data recovered, and lost about 3 days total of postings, articles published into the system and everything else. It was terrible.

    I wanted to get on a powerful server, but the prices at SM simply didn't lend it self to my budget. I've known server4sale since it was called PiBC, and being not sure if it were themselves or not, I PMed him. He was wonderful - laying out a few options - all in my price range.

    He even told me that he was getting Dual Xeons with 2.0 and initally I didn't think I needed something THAT powerful. But then I reconsidered. I ordered it.

    I didn't get it though. I'm waiting for it still. But you would think I would be upset - I'm not. He's been wonderful. He's gotten me a replacement machine, upgraded it to cope with my load and hasn't charged me. The company is amazing when it comes to taking care of the customer. I get emails before anything that I notice happening on the system.

    Even if the support isn't something you need at all, the prices and the network itself ( post DDoS thing dying down ) is really great

    For those that have lost the plot trying to keep up with my chaotic ramblings, I offer the following simple translation.

    Server4Sale = Good.

    Thank you for listening.

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    Ive used them since 2002 . I started my hosting company with them using 1 reseller account . Ive since moved up to my own servers . Their support is the absolute best around . I have a server with a diffrent company and he just helped me with a apache problem on that server even though he has no obligation what so ever to support that server lol. Hes always on msn and ready to help .
    They let you know when they have entered into a deal to use specific software . If there is ever a network issue they keep you fully aware of all the support details addressing the issue ...For example last week they had to change out a switch witch was a 5 minute operation but i probably received 3 emails in that span letting me know the progress lol. They are the biggest reseller of servers at nocster and that dosnt happen by luck .
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    server4sale is great, at their prices are rock bottom but they certenly dont cut corners to offer this. my server was setup super quick and came with lots of extras included in the price.

    support is always online, and are prepared to do pretty much anything for you.

    they are the biggest nocstar reseller, and are definetly my first choice

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    Originally posted by SubReseller

    they are the biggest nocstar reseller, and are definetly my first choice

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    Originally posted by Shoey
    Yes, I believe that they currently are the largest. I'm close behind, however They run a tight ship from what I've seen, and have talked with them a few times about various issues - they know what they're doing in this business, unlike some other companies.

    - Matt

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    Awsome Service!!!

    Server4sale is the best service that i have ever had. I used to have servers with EV1, but moved them to server4sale. Support is fast and prompt, excellent prices. What more can you ask for. I give it 10 out of 10 for a well rounded company. Looking to add more servers with server4sale very shortly.

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