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    I used to have a site at geocities, cause it was cheap, only $8.95 a month and included a domain. But it got canceled cause I dont have a credit card anymore... and thats the only payment method they accept. So.. what I'm wondering is, are there any webhosts that come with a domain for free, that will let you pay monthly, not annually, and let you pay with a checking account, or money order?
    Love Trish

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    Trish you may want to try the host quote. A few offer free domains and all im sure are willing to accept checks provided your willing to wait for them to receive it and set you up after it clears. they may also set you up with trials till the check clears

    Love Vince tehe ! I had to add it :-)

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    Plenty of hosts have payment methods other than credit card.

    You might want to look for a host that takes paypal, since you can configure paypal to take money right out of a checking account.

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    Trish you should have no problem finding a reliable host that will accept either a money order or a virtual check. Try the host a quote and mention that you would like that type payment when filling out the request.
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    Hi trish - I think most hosts will accomodate - there are also several that will withdrawl the money directly from your accout via PAP. May save you the hassle of having to wait for cheques to be mailed/cashed, etc...

    As previously mentioned, Paypal may also be a great option..

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    paying by money order monthly? damn I would get too lazy to remember

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    lol shraz. and Trish, I've seen plenty that can meet your needs... Now to find one and post it...

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