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    What would you spend hte money on?

    Hello all,

    Me and my new business partner are working on a new company selling managed dedicated solutions. We have set out with our own custom design (made in-house), ModernBill, Kayako eSupport, Kayako LiveResponse and vBulletin as far as our web site goes, and have worked out a deal with an unmanaged provider for a reseller deal. We had planned to start with small amounts of advertising, and build it up as our client base grows.

    However, we *may* have an investor of $100,000 US or more, and therefore would obviously take a totally different approach. This is still in the very initial stages of negotiation, but it is possible.

    Would you do your own site design, or would you have another company do it? If so, who?

    Would you still resell for another company? I do not think we would take this route if we do get th investor, but would instead co-locate. Who would you co-locate with? Would you build your own servers by purchasing the components, have a company buidl them for you by selecting the components, or buy them pre-made from soemone like Dell or HP Compaq?

    Staffing. We had planned to have two technicians online 24/7 with 4-10 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm Sales and Customer Service representatives. should this stay the same until we need more, or should we have more from the start? If so, what should we consider?

    Advertising. I do not know how we would work our advertising campaigns with an investor of such an amount. I have experience in the hosting industry since 1995, but only in small scale local hosting businesses I have run and worked for, so as you can imagine we've never had such an amount to work with before.

    Please provide any suggestions or advice.
    Thank you!

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    My opinions:

    - LiveResponse is somewhat unnecessary as long as you have your other support methods well manned.
    - I would go with ClientExec as opposed to ModernBill, its cheaper, cleaner, and easier to customize
    - Straffing: Find about three or four *very* dedicated associates to work rotating shifts.
    - Advertising: Stick with word of mouth until you can really afford to blow some cash. Adwords, Overture, banner ads and such really aren't too effective in low volume. You could consider becoming a Premium Member here to get an advertising discount and start a banner campaign. That will set you back around $32-33k for 5M impressions.
    - I would not resell, instead, buy a cabinet somewhere reputable and build your own rackmounts. We use MALABS as a part distributor. The Chenbro 1U's they sell are likely the nicest cases i've come across in a while, complete with Sparkle PS's .

    I always have pleanty of ideas, feel free to drop your contact info into a PM and I would be happy to sit around and chat with you about it

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