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    When to go colo?

    For those that started with dedicated servers and moved up to colo, when or why did you take the leap?

    What are the major advantages of doing colo over dedicated other then owning the servers?


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    its not always about price either
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    Originally posted by Matthew Gunnin
    its not always about price either

    True there are alot of cases when staying with dedicated is a good move. We are actually reevaluating this decision at the moment. For webhosting co-lo is a wise move since you will only need at most a few machines to handle your business and in alot of cases just one

    The business I am in (game serving) requires buying new machines weekly (if you are a busy shop) and sometimes doesn't always make sense from a money or timing standpoint.

    If you are looking at it from a financial aspect you will always be behind the 8 ball since once you get rolling (hopefully) you will be buying new machines once a week or a few at a time per week which does get costly and digs into your profits that you can not count for a month or two until the equipment is paid off... But thats where the 8 ball effect comes in.. You never really catch up so best case scenario you ALWAYS have money out there... Then of course if something breaks on one of the machines that is an extra expense... And the worst part is after a year or two the machines will be outdated so your back at square one

    The timing issue is even worse since most of the time I spend building machines and cannot concentrate on actually running the business.. Not to mention outrageous shipping bills at the end of the month. But on the plus side you know what is in the machine and won't get stuck with stuff like "desktop" parts that alot of DC's seem to be fond of using

    On the other hand just strictly renting is of course more expensive but you do have the luxury of being able to walk away at the end of the term and if anything breaks the DC is responsible. Upgrading the rentals if needed is usually a chore though.. and of course you have alot more free time!

    hope this helps!

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    Originally posted by crnc
    colo is cheaper in the long run. Yes, you have to shell out the cash for a server, but it'll be cheaper than paying for a dedicated.
    a lot cheaper
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    It totally depends on what you do. You're better off with colo for anything that's non-standard.

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    In my opinion, colo is only viable if you plan on owning an operating multiple servers or if you have a unique application (eg. you wish to operate your own switches, APC's, KVM's or whatever else).

    Your dedicated server provider generally knows what works best for their environment (eg. they actually buy cases that fit in their cabinets).

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