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  1. #1 web hosting down AGAIN this time three weeks so far...

    I feel it is necessary to let people know that recently my company has suffered tremendously over server problems this last month and pretty much ever since going with First of all, does not return emails and will never provide you a telephone number that works. This would not be so bad if I was to have the uptime their site promises to maintain, but unfortunately, my server was never up anywhere close to 99.9% as they advertise. Here is what I have experienced:

    Without warning and without notice of any kind, Netacore will reset/sync/backup the servers. Additionally, recently my SSL certificate which was supposed to come with my hosting program was pulled from under me. Without warning, Netacore decided to no longer honor the SSL certificate. Once again, Netacore does not return emails and will not provide you a working telephone number.

    Recently I have spoken with other individuals who have had the "exact" same issues with Netacore and we are discussing a class action suit against them. After three weeks of not being able to conduct my business as a result of Netacore's server problems, I have lost many thousands of dollars.

    If you are one of the customers of Netacore who has experienced these same issues, please contact me or leave a contact within this thread. Either myself or our attorney would be more then happy to discuss this company and our options as we proceed forward.

    Finally, I have decided to move hosting companies after a terrible year with Not knowing the programming and logistics of moving to another hosting company has kept me from making the most logical and easy decision I must make. Don't do business with a company that will not respond to emails and is plagued with server problems...

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    Thanks for the information. I'm sorry to hear that a company would do that

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    Hopefully this can be resolved so that your business may rebound in a timely manner.

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    Sorry to hear about your bad experience

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