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    IRC Server

    I dont know where to put this into..
    Actually I am looking for a server which provide me IRC support to run my chat programe.
    I already have a dedicated server, I just need some space where I can run my chat applications..

    What is the best way to run your chat applications???

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    Get a shell account. Take a look at

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    Please explain a bit about shelll...

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    should i buy dedicated server or VPS or shared for running chat applications on IRC or shell

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    If you only need to run IRC and you will not experience much traffic, a VPS will get you by. - Shared and Reseller Hosting Solutions on cPanel/WHM Linux Servers - Discount ModernBill Licenses, Hosted Installations, and Professional Services
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    Even a shell will get you by, assuming you're <1000 users.

    A shell is just a account on a server taht you connect to via ssh. They give you your own IP, where you install your IRC server and bind it to that IP.

    A vps would get expensive with higher user counts. With 1000 users on, you'll burn like, 200GB (assuming you don't got big xdcc bots or something - with bots, you can like, double that).

    A VPS with that kinda traffic will run ya' $50+. A shell with 1000 users max, will run ya' $35 USD/mo or so.

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    I'm also interested in a IRC server (Dedicated Server)

    Currently I do not offer IRC activities in my web server. I got a few requests and therefore I'm desperately looking for a IRC allowed Dedicated server that is RELIABLE.

    I've also searched WHT and most of the threads are useless or repeated. Nevertheless, I finally decided that I would like to go with Staminus or even Sagonet.

    If someone is willing to share (50 / 50) the dedicated server with me, and you have a VERIFIED paypal account and you live in NORTH AMERICA please contact me. I do not require much space or bandwidth. Thanks.

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    Rent a shell, they aren't too costly and they are adequate for what you're looking for. Search google for "shell host" and i'm sure you'll find plenty to look at.

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    You're in for a surprise if you try to put anything IRC related on Sago. Between the two, its Staminus all the way.

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