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    San Diego, California –May 10, 2004- a custom design firm, announced today that they have launched a custom private label web design product, created for hosting companies who want to increase their market reach.’s private label design service allows hosting companies to become a “one-stop shop” for businesses establishing themselves on the Internet. “Many hosting companies are reselling domain names, hosting, and even some do-it-yourself web site solutions. These are elements of a complete customer solution. is offering a service that no other company has offered in the hosting industry…the opportunity to use professional web designers under a private label for custom web design.” said Mark Drake, chief executive officer of “It’s the perfect solution for hosting companies who lose, or can’t gain business of an inability to meet all their clients needs, which is a [professional] business site with the elements important to their service” goes a few steps further and makes it convenient for hosting companies to offer the service. Design services are offered in packages, which make sense for businesses to buy and hosting companies to sell. There are Four packages available ranging from the 5-page VAR plan to the 50 page VARMAX. As an added bonus, DesignVAR even includes custom logo creation with every plan.

    The private label service provides an easy to use customer relationship management tool that allows the hosting company to deliver customer requests from their website to DesignVAR without ever touching a button. The hosting company can view the site online and allow their client to specify what their needs are as development progresses.

    Additionally, DesignVAR gives hosting companies the opportunity to offer a tremendous amount of online tools for sale to their clients. Interactive pieces such as news feeds, chat programs, interactive FAQ’s and many other valuable tools that allow businesses to interact with their customers and update and modify their sites easily, without any web design or coding knowledge.

    For hosting companies wanting their own unique package(s) DesignVAR offers a custom solution allowing a company to pick and choose the variables of a site (number of pages, interactive elements, etc.) that will cater to it’s own clientele.

    To learn more about the private label web design solution, or view some of their work go to

    About is a full service design firm based in San Diego, CA. DesignVAR services the hosting industry to provide custom, private label web design solutions.

    For More Information:
    Steve Woodcock
    EVP, Business Development
    (866) 880-2754
    [email protected]

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    hmm... just what i've been looking for

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    We were going to use these guys and gave them a test run and it failed miserable. They never got back with us and when I finally called them after 3 emails they wanted $3,000 to do a simple template into a open source realty script. I even provided the PSD file sliced up. It was just to see how they handled clients and see how their process of doing web developemt worked beofre we paid them $700 up front. Also the Sales Manager Adam Z. was less than pleasant to deal with. Just FYI!
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