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    What is this worth?

    I found this server on a site and wanted to know if Sun Cobalts are any good period? Second, how in the world can a 300MHz computer power a website? If so how many? Very new to hardware...

    Sun Cobalt RaQ 3 300Mhz 1U Rackmount Rack RaQ3 Server


    Processor: AMD K6 300MHz
    Memory: 64MB
    HD: 10GB IDE
    Misc. Ports: One (1) USB
    Network: Single 10/100 BaseT ethernet network interface
    Management Options: Dual serial console interface and LCD console
    Management Protocols: Web-based UI and SNMP
    Firmware Version: 2.2.14C10
    Form Factor: 1U Rackmount
    Included Rackmount Hardware: None
    Serial Number: 3605CM0470860
    Model Number: R39602HIU
    Condition: Used. Tested and working.

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    They're good for several static sites, but if your sites are dynamic you cant put as many on there. Obviously if you plan on doing a lot more stuff with them, you'll need a more robust box.

    Websites really dont require a lot of power unless if they are VERY popular and/or poorly coded.

    They are also good test machines for messing around with (like me). Personally, I've never had any major problems with a RaQ unless its something I did.

    Just my $0.02. I'm sure you might hear from both sides of the RaQ's "features".
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    RaQ's are fine for what they do. Just don't expect them to push out 10mbps worth of dynamic content 24/7.
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    We urge our clients to move away from the Raq. Only the 550 has any real support left from Sun and that is sporadic at best. Investing in older Raq hardware just does not make sense from either an operations or a business perspective.

    You can find comparable rackmount servers running linux and then install a control panel. I usually suggest clients get plain linux boxes and then install Ensim, Plesk, or Cpanel. There are others out there, most notably H-Sphere, but I've worked with it very little.

    Until there is some more history behind the BlueQuartz project, I do not recommend it as an option. If the project shows steady development for 18 months, then I would consider it as a viable control panel option. Just would not want clients deploying it as a solution to have support for it dry up. Also, comparatively, the Cobalt control panel lacks many of the functions that other systems provide.

    A bit off topic, but I have seen older Raq boxes put to good use as routers or IDS (ala IPcop) type systems. Despite their meager CPU, RAM and other specs they are more than sufficient for these tasks.

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    got a raq2 running netbsd =)
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    I would recommend taking a look at RedPanel. They are former Cobalt and Redhat techs who are releasing a GUI package for a RaQ550 and Qube3 on Redhat / Fedora. In addition, They will be offering a hardware solution on Blade and or Appliance server.

    When I beta their stuff next month I will give feedback.

    Oh yeah - their site is

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    I run 6 of these Blue Pizza Boxes... errmmm RaQs ( 3 RaQ4i, 2 RaQ4r and a RaQ550 )

    Personally I think these are great machines. Low Power Consumption, hardy and robust. Because I run these from my own loactaion I have many issues to look into.... Having powerful machines that I would under-utilize, meaning added cost and a huge UPS unit would be needed to upkeep them.

    If you are renting a Co-Lo or a dedicated server then well look at the price. a RaQ4 could take up to 30 or 50 low volume sites and one or two heavy sites.
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