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    Redirect user based on username with .htaccess

    I have tried to find a script that can redirect a user to his own page.

    Have tested this script. This script should be plased in a .shtml file.

    <!--#if expr="$REMOTE_USER = 'user1'" -->
    <META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="1; URL=user1/page.shtml">
    <!--#elif expr="$REMOTE_USER = 'user2'" -->
    <META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="1; URL=user2/page.shtml">
    <!--#else -->
    <META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="1; URL=denied.shtml">
    <!--#endif -->
    But i can't make this work. Both users redirects to user1.

    See here for more info.

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    someone please !!!!

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    Does your server support the #if, #elif, etc directives ?
    I read somewhere that these are extended SSI directives.
    So your server may not support these.

    Anyway, worst case, I guess you could use the #exec directive to run a script that will print the appropriate meta refresh tag, right ?
    Or am I missing something ...
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