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    Applied a security patch only to get problems Help please


    I just received a notice about a security update available on my root Cpanel. I applied the patch. Now when I tried to use fantastico on one of the account it gives me this message:

    PHP script /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/fantastico/includes/ is protected by SourceGuardian and requires file ixed.lin.4.2.3.pxp.
    I went to the site downloaded the file. I'm not sure on how to upload the file because this directory is not available when I log in thru my ftp. I'm only able to see that directory thru my telnet connection. I'm not sure on how to do that on Tel net.

    Also it prompt me to modify the php.ini on my /usr/...bla bla bla...
    and also I'm not able to see that directory with ftp only by telnet.

    Please advice on the command to upload that file to my server and how to download the php.ini that I have to modify and send back again.

    Please Neet help...
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    First run the script.

    Then to upload the file you need:

    Login to SFTP with your root username and password. SFTP is on port 22 and I do believe WS_FTP Pro supports this type of connection.


    upload the file to a regular ftp account on the server, log into telnet and move the file to it's proper directory.

    Where does the file go?

    Also have to make some changes to ClamAV if you are running that.

    pico /etc/clamav.conf

    Find where it says:
    # Comment or remove the line below.

    Change this to:
    # Comment or remove the line below.

    Save the file and then restart exim:

    service exim restart

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