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    what kind of hosting plan for Web Based Management System


    I need advise to the kind of hosting plan I should consider to subscribe, I have no idea how much space or bandwidth is to be require too.

    To pilot a Web Based Sales Management System with ASP.Net application installed to the Web Server (I wonder is that possible ), there will not be any E-payment, Invoicing or CRM modules, the application are to generate Sales Record, Credit History (Outstanding CR /DR of Clients), Sales Commission, Nett / Gross Sales and Real-Time Ordering for the field personnel, total manpower at the moment are 6 and all personnel need to access at the same time.

    Total Products will never exceed more than 1K items.



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    Based on the ASP you need to go to windows hosting. Other than that I can't help you much more.
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    Most reputable Windows hosts should be able to handle an application like that. I've written something similiar in .NET and hosted it via Alentus with pretty good results. Make sure you use a SQL Server backend though, the benefits in concurrency and stability are well worth the price over Access.


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    jbigelow, how many SQL server and Access DB U figure I will need, space and bandwidth?


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    That depends on the application you built.
    Is it setup using flat files for the database at the moment?
    If its not then what sort of DB structure do you use right now?
    or dont have one?
    Are you the application developer or the person in charge of finding hosting for that application?
    If you arent the application dev. than ask him/her what sort of DBs you need and the amount.

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    Originally posted by TerraNex
    jbigelow, how many SQL server and Access DB U figure I will need, space and bandwidth?

    A single SQL Server database will be more that sufficient. Using multiples will just complicate it as you will be using hosted accounts and therefore not "sa" level priveleges so cross chain ownership of DB objects would be a problem.

    Space and bandwidth size.... hmmm. You say 6 people will be using it. I just wrapped a business process application in .NET/SQL Server being used by approximately 15 people, its currently only using about 15 gigs of transfer a month (alot of that is reports and downloading data from the server to to the client for Excel export). The database itself is only 10 megs currently with a several tables each having a few thousand records.

    I don't think you'll need to spend too much to get up and running. Look for at least 50 megs of SQL Server storage so you will have room to grow.


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    If you have that kind of budget, you should look for a dedicated server.. my opinion
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    Originally posted by domainwala
    If you have that kind of budget, you should look for a dedicated server.. my opinion
    You can get ASP.NET accounts, with SQL Server space from reputable companies for between $25 and $50 dollars. I've switched to a dedicated box due to multiple application needs but the poster can probably get by with a shared account for now.


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    Thanks alot guys least now I know what is my min requirement will be much easier to make a decision now.

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