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    I am selling On May 10th, Google opened their official blog at Use their free XML feed to mirror it and let users comment, write your own commentary, or whatever you'd like to do with this awesome domain.

    Registered at GoDaddy with free push to buyer. Let the offers commence.
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    i sence legal troubles

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    Let the offers commence? More like, let the lawsuits commence.

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    google is now a gaint, if they flick their little finger at you it won't be yours anymore.... This has happened countless times and to afew members on this forum.... definantly will losse the domain somewhere along the line if you develop it sucessfully and you will lose... Try moving to Pakistan and move the domain over there too....

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    I've got 3 domains with Google trademarks in them, all with active websites. Two of the domains I have written permission from Google to use the trademark, took less than a week to get it with a simple fax. There are huge sites like around that exist solely to criticise Google. They're not out to stomp down every site about them, in fact, they were quite happy to help me with my projects involving their trademarks.
    Dan Grossman - dan @
    My Blog | Affiliate Program for Web Hosts

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    $20 first offer

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    $25 is my offer
    Dirt CHEAP Servers coming soon

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