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Thread: Spam Inquiries

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    Spam Inquiries

    Out of curiosity, how many others have received about 10 of these in the last week form multiple names:


    Are you starting a new business, launching a new service or want to change your corporate image?
    Then you need a top quality logo that will complete business identity and will help you attract
    more customers.

    To create a powerful logo you need a skilled design and marketing team that will put all its experience,
    knowledge, and talent into your project.

    Review some of our works to make sure that we can give you that professional and trustworthy image
    at a reasonable price and within your time frame. We love what we do, we are very good at it,
    and we are completely focused on your goals.

    If you need design service other than logo or corporate identity design, we are here to help.
    Whether you need a new package, a brochure, a website, a magazine ad or any other design or marketing service,
    we have a professional vendor on our list of recommended design companies that specializes in this.

    Please visit us at:

    Our goal is to help you increase your revenues!

    Clemencia Garcia

    - Tim

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    I got them, as well. Twice. The problem is that is hosted/pointed to China, and teh spammers are russian (I believe), as is the owner of the domain. It redirects to, which is ALSO Russian based.

    :ighs:: I won't even say anything further, without risking being banned.
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    I receive about 6 of the same spam. Very common , already got used to spamming.

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    In an odd psychological way, it's nice to know that we all share the same suffering
    - Tim

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