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    Looking for hourly PHP programmer for work..

    I need someone who is good at PHP. I always have projects that need to be done, so this can be ongoing work if everything goes well.

    Right now I have a couple of things I need done. First I have a script that needs to be cleaned up; it's a pretty simple script to browse a database driven site. The biggest problem it is currently executed about half way down a html page and is executed again in the header and runs through all the same queries to pull the title info (I want it setup so it only runs through once). I also need a quick admin panel done for it. The admin panel should have a drop down box that would list all of the entries and if one is selected all of the fields can be edited or the entry can be deleted. It should also have an entry form to add new entries in the admin part.

    Please send me an approximate quote and your hourly rate (I guess take a guess as to how long this would take you, if it takes longer you will be paid accordingly). Also tell me what your experience with PHP is and what kind of work you have done. You can contact me at jplamb (at) or on AIM as jplamb02. I want someone who can take care of this right away; I also want someone who is dependable that I can give future work to.

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    I justed pm'd you and im'd you. Look forward to working with you.


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    I want to thank everybody for their replies, I have gotten enough qualified replies so I no longer need any more responses. Thank you.

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