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    Migration from WEBppliance Pro 3.5.18-28 to Ensim Pro 3.7.0-21

    Hi All,
    I am migrating from a WEBppliance Pro 3.5.18-28 server to Ensim Pro 3.7.0-21 server. I took applience backup from WEBppliance Pro 3.5.18-28 Server. But it is also taking the WEBppliance configuration files backup. So, when I'll try to restore it in Ensim Pro 3.7.0-21 server , it will overwrite the configuration file of Ensim Pro 3.7.0-21 server.

    Is there any way to restore only plana, users and resellers backup ?

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    From my experience it doesn't work. We did the same a while back and encountered the same problem. when contacting the dedicated server provider they told us that it has to be the same version of ensim for the back-ups to work. (like they couldn't say that from the beginning) Anyway we didn't care that much as no reseller accounts where created at that time and we managed to manually restore everithing. What I recommend you to do is contact Ensim and see if they have any migration scripts or any help they can give you with the migration of the data from the old vs to the new one.

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