Im not sure where this would go..but:

I am a designer for templates.com (I designed 2 of the templates). When I registered it was under an email of a company that I sold a few months back. The templates, Ive sold have reached $35.10 - but I can't request a payout via paypal because the email isn't under my paypal acct anymore- I have emailed templates.com twice in the past 2 weeks, and they just seem to be ignoring my emails, the other options for the account is to payout via check, payout via paypal or credit towards buying templates via templates.com, so I was wondering if anyone wants to buy the account for $35.10 for $25 via paypal. I'd give you the login, and you would even get any money or credit the templates get in the future. (It took about 6months to get the $35). Total the templates have made about $80

If your interested, just let me know via the thrread or PM.