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    GoDaddy is really cool

    GoDaddy ran a Sound Bytes contest basically asking for testimonials about their service. I was just informed that I won $50, I didn't even know there were multiple prizes Winning things is great!


    You have been selected as one of our 40 Honorable Mention honorees in the 2004 Go Daddy Soundbyte Contest for your entry.

    More than 1,600 Go Daddy customers participated in the Soundbyte Contest so you are in excellent company with your winning entry. We are looking forward to showcasing the testimonials of all our participants on our web site in the future as well as promoting our winning entries as part of our May eNews feature on the contest.

    In order to process your $50 prize, we will need you to sign the attached release form and fax it back to us at 480.505.8865, ATTN: Hollie Costello.

    Thank you for your unwavering support of Go Daddy and your participation in our first Go Daddy Soundbyte Contest.

    Kind Regards,

    Hollie Costello
    Senior Communications Specialist
    The Go Daddy Group, Inc.
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    What did you send in? or is that a secret?

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    It was over a month ago, I don't remember what I wrote, but I do use GoDaddy exclusively for my domains as well as resell them because their services rock.
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    lucky guy

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    First, congratulations

    About GoDaddy, am I the only one who sees a conflict from asking for testimonials from customers and giving away "40 Honorable Mentions." I look at that just like a bribe because I would say a lot of the testimonials must've been showering praises for GoDadday which is all cool-- however, the $50 cash IMO could send some not-so-factual and over-flattering remarks

    Still, thumbs up to GoDaddy for at least attempting something instead of simply forging testimonials as the vast majority of websites on the Internet do.

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    That's what a sound byte contest is all about, getting positive testimonials. Nothing deceptive there
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    I won $2 on a scratch off today :-\

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    Made it into their newsletter too. They posted the winning 'sound bytes' online:
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