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    Handynetworks vs Infuseweb

    I've tried H-Sphere control panel and feel I can't handle it. It's to powerful thus complicated for me, an average user to use.
    In my opion, Helm looks more user friendly and I started to look for reseller hosting that provides Helm control panel.

    After doing research and reading this forum, I feel like both Handynetworks and Infuseweb are very good for me and they both fit my needs but I still need your recommendations.

    What concerns me is some of the info on Handynetworks are the same as I checked with Handynetworks and they said they would investigate it themselves.

    Your thoughts and recommendations are greatly appreciated.

    Please share with me your experience.


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    Is there a reason you want to use a windows server?
    Greg Lubbelinkhof

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    Honestly, i'd say stick with H-Sphere.

    The new interface, on the newly released 2.4 is the MOST user-friendly GUI I have ever seen.

    Helm, in my opinion, is awfully buggy. We tested it for three straight month's, and there's just always something happenning with it.


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    The main reason I'm looking at Windows hosting because most of my clients are only familar with ASP and VB.

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