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    Lightbulb Mindset: Religious, Philosophical, and Political Discussions.

    • Are you unsure about religion, and want to find out what others believe?
    • Have an opinion on the war in Iraq?
    • Interested in the views of Aristotle and other philosophers?

    Be sure to check out Mindset. Our home page is updated weekly with new articles of interest for you to respond to in our community. We currently have nearly sixty members in our forums and have vigorous discussions and debates occuring. Why not join in?

    If you're the debating type, be sure to check us out. All views are welcome, and you can be sure to get input from others.

    Intelligent. Real. Discussions. Mindset.

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    Web Hosting Talk

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    WebHostingTalk Forums > Advertising Forums > Related Offers and Requests > ??

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    EDIT: If a moderator could move this thread, I would appreciated it.

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    HZence, welcome to WHT.

    I want to apologize for our posts above. I think we jumped the gun on this one. I guess we are just used to spammers so much, that sometimes we misunderstand the intentions. After reading your post again, I see you are just trying to advertise your forum, and you are not spamming any particular view or message on politics or religion.

    I'm not sure if the staff would prefer this be in the lounge, or another section, but it's clear that you are just making an honest attempt to promote/advertise your forum. Good luck with the site!

    I was wrong. It's not the first time either. It happened once before back in 92.

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    Thank you very much Gen-T - and trust me, I understand. My forums aren't that big, so I really haven't had to deal with spammers as of yet. However, I've posted on plenty of forums and am quite aware of their ignorance.

    I'd like to assure you that I am not one of these people.

    Again, sorry for posting this in the wrong forum. It's my fault for not reading - all I saw was "Other Offers and Requests" and it seemed like the right place.

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