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    Credit card payment accept question

    hi everyone

    My site was thinking about accept credit card ,since customer was asking about cc payment.Can anyone tell me detail how to be a seller who can accept cc payment? do i need to verify any thing ?I do have paypal,and 2checkout account ,but just wanna give customer more conviences.....I live in US.Thanks

    P/s: i know there are many cc fraund out there...what is the best way to prevent?verify phone number ?(i guess).
    if possible can you tell me the name of website or any company for this kind of services.thanks

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    One way we do it - we fax over a contract & have them sign it. It helps to prevent fraud. Depending on the services / products you offer - this might not be feasible.

    You can also only ship to the billing address. Be wary of people wanting items overnight. Nigeria - best bet - don't ship there.

    If 2Co is working out for you & you are happy with them - stay with them.

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    Once you obtain a merchant account, make sure you are collecting and sending information such as address, CVV2 (the 3 digit security code on the back of the card), etc. to ensure that you get the best rate on the transaction. This should be built into your shopping cart's card info. request form.

    Concerning fraud protections, these are controls built into the gateway that you select. Gateways like or verisign, while they have an enormous number of users, offer very little in the way of security. You'd be better off using a high end gateway such as Key IC. You'll immediately notice that it is more expensive, depending on your number of transactions/month, but the flexibility and security of the system are well worth it if those are big concerns for you.

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