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    man i hope my site never gets defaced

    one question, is it because of software vulnerability that lets hackers do this or is it something i should look out for in my file permissions for example?
    any links to securing my site would be appreciated

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    Security in general will allow a hacker get into your site. Is it your site or did they manage to deface all sites on the server?

    Security is everything.

    - Eddy
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    sorry, been away.

    no it's not my site, just one i came across.

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    Looks like a PHPNuke install. The thing that concerns me more is not that a script got hacked, but rather that it still shows the defacing three days after your original post!
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    Yea, they should of created back ups or at least re-uploaded!!
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    I notified the webmaster of that domain..........

    Its terrible people have to destroy other people's things........The net used to be a good place,not so much anymore........

    The Dude

    Tinyurl is the answer for posting long urls!!!

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    defacement is still on there. If it takes them that long to clean up their website imagine how long it would take them to respond to your support requests


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    i think bub has said it in one..........

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