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    Need shopping cart system for a prexisting site.

    What I need is a shopping cart that can easily be implemented into a prexisting web site. What I basically need for it to do is provide me with buy links for each of the different products i input into the shopping cart system. and then just a checkout system along with the typical credit card processing. If anyone can provide me with this i'd appreciate it.

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    Have you taken a look at oSCommerce or ZenCart? I think both are along the lines of what you're looking for., a Digitally Justified Company
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    if u need something simple use 2checkout
    they have your buy links and a simple shopping cart page and its cheap

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    Have you checked out: - we have used them in the past for clients & they have been extremely happy with their services & support

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    Re: Need shopping cart system for a prexisting site.

    Originally posted by sheriff_bob
    What I need is a shopping cart that can easily be implemented into a prexisting web site.
    Hi Sheriff Bob,

    What is it youre trying to do exactly - Zen Cart, osCommerce, etc are all great cart solutions, but they really cant be implemented "into" a pre-existing website -

    Really, what these carts do is act as an "add on" - so, if you were to have a current setup in an existing site, displaying a full catalogue - in order to utilize Zen Cart or osCommerce, you would really have to remove the existing "catalogue" section and replace it with a link to catalogue which would ultimately connect with ZC or osC.

    You could use an integrated cms/ecommerce solution (theres a few out there - but, that would still necessitate starting from "scratch"..

    Utilizing your current site, you would really need to script a cart into the code - this can be done, and there are some scripts available that will do this.

    Paypal has such a script, but - utilizing that solution, you really dont get full cart functionality..

    Not sure if this helps or if I interpreted your request properly, but still - I thought it was worth posting.....

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    I suggest finding a host that offers's products. It's one of my three finalists.

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