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Thread: Klooki Problems

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    Klooki Problems

    I have been with for quite some time and am very happy with the kind of support they have provided to us till now.

    However for last 48 hours thier mail servers are not up and running and I am having great difficulty in contacting them from all the possible platform. MSN / ICQ / Email / Support / Help Desk but to my surpise not a single reply from them despite lapse of 48 hours.

    Now its very difficult to hold my clients any further as they too are loosing patience like me.

    Anyone has thier phone contact where one could talk to them.

    Wish me luck ...

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    21,913 might help...

    There's also another thread about klooki's problems in the "Web hosting" froum:

    Good luck!

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    Have you tried contacting them through the information of domain registration....If all else fails try that....
    I can understand your frustration
    Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything...

    Good Luck

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    they are not around from 8 - 14 may .. I dont know... Nobody taking care of the servers....

    this is bad for business.. no support at all

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    Klooki Problems Continue

    What I am really surprised at .. How can there be no one to take care of the servers / support. In this kind of business you need to have a round the clck monitoring whether self managed or hired at co-location.

    I am sure people are around to take care of the servers in one's absence.

    They have really made us think seriously about future continuation of our business with Klooki.

    Suggest me some good solid host.

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    hahaha... yeah.. currently hunting for new windows host..

    goodbye klooki

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    Signed up with mesopia. They have the win2003 helm combo i need. Hope theyre good.

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    what bout CFMX?

    some of my sites using CFM

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    It's been like a week...
    I sent them more than 20 emails and 5 help desk tickets.
    Their msn aim... are not coming up.... Reliable affordable webhosting.

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    Thumbs down

    Uptime of my site today 54.839%, (according to

    What more can you ask? I think there is a 50% SLA

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    That's not good... not good at all... Who's your host?

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    my host is klooki

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    I have the same problem hosting my sites in Klooki. All the mailboxes in my domains are not able to receive and send email for a few days. Their mail server seems to be quite unstable recently.

    Worse, their support is off for more than a week.

    I would appreciate if any one can suggest me a reliable hosting company in Windows.

    Thank you.

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    I found their contact phone no. at +44 77295 62329 ( ) But no one answers my call. Maybe you can try.

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    I too am looking for good hosting company provding windows hosting services. I need to change the host without any further delay. If I continue to be klooki any more I may have to shut down my business.

    Anyone knows good solid host offering windows hosting.

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    i went with mesopia first but changed my mind and went with reseller-center altough they use hsphere instead of helm so it took some new learning gettign into. So far reseller-center seem to have a really great staff and fast support.

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    I need HELM and IMAIL as all my clients are used to that.. I can do away with a new control panel but definitly need IMAIL for web mail.

    Any suggestions for good windows host who can provide me with that.

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    Just got word from Klooki that due to recent events and us being let down again by another data center provider our parent company has decided to remove itself from the hosting

    It is therefore with regret that we have to advise you that you should seek alternative hosting from a different company.

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    In my opinion I dont think that is the truth.

    It would be nice to know what really happened though.

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    colud it be that they were caught using pirated software?

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