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    PHP/MySQL - Basic XHTML/CSS Job inside

    First, payment would be through paypal.
    Second, Your pay will be decided after you have contacted Me with offers. This is because I've no idea what it would cost, but am completely open.

    Here is what I am needing,

    Your basic User database, with additions.

    Session control, security is a must!!

    Each user has a basic profile, where they can enter information about themselves once registered, and thier registration has been confirmed via the email they entered.
    Beyond thier basic profile, each user also has a set amount of 'extra' profiles, these are for character sheets. Where they enter the data requested by fields.

    This is where it gets tricky,
    those character sheet fields need to be editable via the 'admin' center. Where an Admin can add/remove/modify fields listed, making them required, certain lengths...ect.

    Before I continue, this is for a gaming site for table toppers.

    There would be unlimited 'sections' for these character sheets.
    IE> Section 1 (Generic Name 1) > Section 2 (Generic Name 2)

    And each section would have its own set of questions, again these should be editable from the admin section.

    charsheets should be viewable by anyone, and searchable
    IE> viewcs.php?section=1&csid=332

    would query the db and request all the information listed for that character sheet, and display it neatly. A link back to the owner, ect.

    As you can see its quite an indepth script,
    I also need the script to be written with expansion, and neatness as a key. Clean, crisp and secure coding are a must.
    XHTML complience output is also a MUST.
    Im not worried about the output being pretty yet, that would be a whole different job to pay for. The functional script is my main concern right now.

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    I can do this for you for pretty cheap, email me or send me an IM (details in profile) and we can discuss it more.

    I get jobs done fast, ask anyone I've worked with.

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    Id love to ask around, but seems you have one post here ^_~

    other than that, have any work posted?

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    I ca do if for you mate
    Primary email: advanced dot programmer at gmail dot com ..

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    Please PM your estimates on cost to me as well.

    Thank you.

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    mr_wuss I sent you a pm with my email address.

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