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    Interview request

    I'm taking a graphic design class in college which requires an interview of a professional graphic designer. The interview consists of:

    Description of what you do, who you work for
    and these 5 questions:
    1. What do you like the best about your job? What is problematic?
    2. What computer programs do you use?
    3. How did you get here? Education/training/experience?
    4. What skills are required for entry-level graphic design? On-going training?
    5. Future of graphic design-Where is the profession going? What factors influence the field?

    If you're interested, please private message me, and I'll confirm or deny it (I only need one, I don't want to waste people's time) and I'd like a fair-lengthed discourse for each question.

    Also, if I've posted this in the wrong forum, please move it to the correct one.

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    That is interesting...What graphic app does the class use?
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    You may want to try A lot of designers hang out there.

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    Hmm.. which college do you go to?

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    This is interesting, I might suggest someone... What colledge do you attend?

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    I attend Centralia College, some local businesses are owned by people who have gone through this college's graphics program. Thanks for that other website, I'll try that too if I can't get anyone here. I'm kinda pushing the assignment deadline, so I hope I can get someone quickly.

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    I have someone willing to help. Thanks, all.

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    Originally posted by OCSupertones
    That is interesting...What graphic app does the class use?
    Graphic Design != computer graphics. Computer is just a medium of art that is used.

    I took some graphic design classes at Parsons in NYC. Damn cool stuff but lots of work. You put in around 80 hours a week, it's crazy.

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