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    * Experienced programmer looking for work

    Iíve completed more than 20 web projects in the last 5 years and am very good in ColdFusion / ASP / JavaScript / MS SQL / Oracle / MySQL programming. My industry expertise are ranging from and not limited to: simple company web presence, e-commerce, webhosting, manufacturing and banking industries.

    Resume, portfolios, sample codes, testimonials, references are available upon requests. I'm also a senior member at Macromedia Forum, if you're interested please search my solution for others in Macromedia forum. Just search my name and youíll see how I deliver solution.

    Iím looking for programming work that can be done remotely (offshored). Iíve worked with clients worldwide, from US to UK and several other Asian countries. Iím easy to reach using IM for almost 16 hours a day and work at a reasonable rate. Comparing with other offshore developers, I may not be the cheapest, but I deliver solutions, not excuses.

    So, if you would like to have a dependable offshore developer that works like you have a team that sit right next to you, and can achieve what other developers canít, please contact me at:

    E-mail: [email protected]
    ICQ: 6-515-252
    Yahoo messenger: masswork
    Phone: +62-816-4209640

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    I'll be blunt: Prove it. Companies are looking for examples of work. Give some examples of your work: websites you've designed, programs you've written, etc. I guarantee you'll get a much higher response.

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    I would love to.
    Send me your email, and i'll send you my complete resume with references.

    I tried to put some sample URLs here, but looks like WHT reject it cause it says that i have to send 5 posts before i can include any URL on my message

    So, i'm looking forward to get your email address (and everyone who's interested to know me more), and i'll prove my abilities.

    Btw i think Aironz is a member in WHT, eh?
    He's my colleague, i've been working with him for 4-5 years.
    You may ask his personal experience in working with me.

    and don't forget to send me an email.

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    masswork, you can post in the webhostingtalk forum and build up your post count past five. This way you can legitly post and pm others.

    Good luck on the work!

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