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    p4.2 intel 1gb ram 80+hd 1500gbmo

    Application X is offering a special on 4 servers only:

    Intel pentium 4.2
    1 gig ram
    80gb + hard disk
    1500gb transfer a month
    linux or win

    $150 a month
    no set up


    dual 1ghz pentium 3
    dual 60gb h.d.
    1.5 gig ram
    1500gb transfer a month
    linux 0r win

    bandwith is level3 and wiltel
    telco class datacenter
    contol panel for linux is webmin
    control panel for windows is in house built
    Access to shared mail server
    access to shared dns server
    access to shared stats server

    Server setup with in 24 hours
    no setup
    month to month terms

    if interested contact
    [email protected]
    or pm here

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    Intel Pentium 4.2? Do you mean 2.4?


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    ye s correcy thatnks for the correction. pentium 4 2.4 is what was meant.

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