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Thread: Noob needs help

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    Noob needs help

    Thank you in advance for any help

    hope this right place for question

    Im looking to build a web site for personal content, family pictures, blog, some ftp files for grandparents to dl small divx files, etc

    So do not need anything huge

    I started researching, and thats how i came to this site, i did searches on this site, etc, enough to now post

    Background, professional, thou not in IT field, computer as hobby, gamer, Hardware fanatic


    1. Who should i register domain with (network solutions, or hositng company) ive read quite a bit of horor stories - im probably going to maintain 2-3 and will want control over them, probably will renew perpetually

    2. Web host - ive read good and bad things about just about all companies, it seems that i should go short term with one that meets my needs and price point, and try them out for myself, hostingplex ixwewbhosting allin1websolutions

    3. what is a nameserver, what are the basics of how the web hosting works,

    sorry if this is a rehash of an older thread

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    1) GoDaddy or NameCheap would be my choice
    2) There are simply hundreds out there - as you said lots of good and bad reviews can be found just about everywhere!
    3) A name server is something that stores domain name information (names and their IP's etc) and is where your request goes when you first hit enter on a domain in your browser. It's hard to know what to but for "the basics" of webhosting it's a multi facited business!

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    You just want to make sure that whoever you register the name with, it should be your info that goes in the registration. I am guilty of using Network Solutions just because I used them from the beginning and habits are hard to break. I tried for a few and ended up just bringing them over to NS when they had a promotion for transferring.

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    We always use for domain names and they have great help with nameservers.
    Then just take your time and find a great web host. We recomend you ask a lot of questions from what ever web hosts you are looking at. You can find many great and friendly host here at WHT.
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    For the domain name, I'd recommend The only thing that might turn you off is that they have a lot of advertising before you can checkout your domain name.

    Personally, I wouldn't purchase a domain through a web host, because things could get complicated in the event that the host goes belly up.

    Now, if you want to choose a web host, you should submit a host quote, and explain exactly what you need.

    Good luck with your search.
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    Well, now that most have recomended goDaddy, guess my repeating the same thing isn't much help, but I'd recomend goDaddy too
    Been buying from them for over 6 months and no problems.

    I agree it's not wise to buy a domain name through your host.
    It's better to keep the two separate so the host can't keep you from leaving if you want to host elsewhere later.

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    i have used godaddy in the past for all of my domains but i gotta admit name cheap has a much cleaner website and they wont bombbared you at the checkout
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