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    Partnerships/Mergers wanted!

    Looking for anyone interested in partnering/merge! Innovated and motivated! Unlimited potential! Welcoming all offers! ConfidentialClick Here to contact via email

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    Could you be a little more specific, and possibly introduce/explain yourself?

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    Yes, please provide more information about yourself and your current site you're looking for other sites to partner or merge with. What types of sites are you interested in involving with? What will be the ownership statuses, main domains, network domain? perhaps?

    We just need more info on what you want to do.

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    I don't understand this thread either.....
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    might be spam

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    more info please?

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    Please send me email for details! We are open to all proposals! Details will need to be negotiated! We have a few partners for the last year who we have helped and thought we would enoy having a few more!
    We are geared more towards those whom have around 50 domains hosted or less! We are always looking for larger companies to discuss ventures, however we are not venture capitalist! We just like making dead dogs, cash cows!
    So, if you have a server or more and/or planning on starting in the hosting biz! Maybe we can help each other out!
    Would disclose more of our plan here, however think the competitors here would consider taking the notion and setting in motion for them, not us!
    We keep our meetings confidential and non-disclosure respected!
    How many of domains you hosting?
    Are you making a profit off hosting?
    Do you want to make a profit?

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