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    rusko writes;

    the stories i could tell about actsupport and bobcares are countless (gleaned from our customers using them to outsource their support to). starting from them messing up boxes and disregarding istructions, to posting URLs of competitors, to answering every ticket with a request for the root password.

    i have seen the following exchange with actsupport:
    Q: Is there a network issue?
    A: What is your root password?
    Q: Did you read the question?
    A: We need your root password to troubleshoot the problem.
    Q: But you don't even have my ip address. Besides, I am on a shared hosting account.
    A: Who has the root password?
    Q: Look, if I told you that my dog died, would you ask for the root password to the dog?

    too bad for .biz but its funny.

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    LOL! My loins ache from laughing so hard!

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    Hahah, nice!

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