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    Dedicated Server Partner Wanted

    Please move this thread to proper place if miscat.!

    I am looking for someone to split a server, bill etc.,etc., Have about 20 sites that are being hosted, (small) low hitters, with plans to develop another half a dozen in coming months! Main thing need server for is a PC online game, that our clan plays! We have been using ev1 for 16 months and the price of $140 is a not as cost effective as we like and our back up plan is find another dedicated server host for less, if we do not find a partner!
    Figured that I am not alone with have more server than actually need. If you are interested you can contact me atClick here to email Earth
    Open to any/all suggestions/proposals.


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    Why not just dump ev1 and pick up a cheap server @ if the sites you host are low hitters not important.

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    I'd stick with sharing a high quality server rather than downgrading to Managed has had some uptime and support issues...
    If the bigger hosts are fancy French restaurants, consider my service the friendly small-town diner. you deserve honest, helpful, and reliable service!

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    Share dedicated server

    Thx! A xeon would be nice to share! Maybe could split cost with someone who has xtra space and bw,etc.,etc.,..looked at and price was nice there, thanks to both, for input!

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    I don't speak of DC's that I have no experince.

    Managed looks good

    Also take a look at celeron at the only bad thing is the setup fee but it's worth the money

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    Originally posted by England
    Why not just dump ev1 and pick up a cheap server @ if the sites you host are low hitters not important.
    Your very very wrong .

    If a customer finds they have a slow host , they will havea bad image on that host . is not good with past experiences
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    $149 at EV1 is most likely the best quality for your dollar that you're going to find. Go any lower and you'll be saving a few dollars and losing a lot of quality. You're better off focusing your efforts on figuring out how to make a few extra dollars each month.

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    STICKING with ev1, for now....Looking for anyone who does not need root access, we can install wahtever is needed, that would be interested in using some of our space we are not using...we have 75 free gb and lots-o-bw unused...a little merger of sorts of consolidating...we keep our clients, you keep yours...rate expenses to grow as we go. This seems to be a great offer to? Suggestions/feedback, always grace and thanks! Partner up with us and bring your clients to our box or we go to yours!

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