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    paypal type of website for webhosters

    just a question. say there is a site that behaves much like paypal and 2checkout . and this site has a feature that integrates cpanel directly and creates the accounts after payments.

    will anyone use it?

    just a question. I did a script for a guy and i was never paid. So i am stuck with this program, if anyone is interested.

    BTW - this is not one like you see for sale online. this is a fully working script similar to paypal in every sence ( gotta copy the greats )

    it accepts cc payments, echecks etc.

    thanks any input will do. should i keep it or sell it?

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    why not start ur own paypal??

    all u need is several termainsl (increase with time)...

    Maybe cheaper prices that paypal and 2checkout (everyone will come t u :p )

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    How much are you willing to sell it for?

    How long did it take you?

    Do you usually do jobs without upfront payments?

    How much experience you have in PHP?

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    i'm not a business man. i am thinking about it though.

    right now the cc payments and verification is processed using linkpoint, and ach/echeck is done by bank automatically.

    everything is setup the only thing is security upkeep ofcourse

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    An online demo or screenshot could be helpful. :-0

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    nzbm - azizny
    Check out - c u p a i d . c o m
    ( not able to post url, since i don't have 5 posts, yet )

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    that's a working demo

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    btw - this script hooks up to LinkPoint for credit card transactions and payments and echeck payments. But needs standalone ACH/EFT accounts from bank to credit money into users' bank account for used in bank verification.

    It also hooks up with cpanel for account payments and creations as well as one time payment or subscription for the hosting accounts.

    Also has shopping cart and digital downloads for users.

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    maybe i want to sell this site if anyone is interested in the domain.

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    Moved to advertising.
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    if anyone need to contact me about this site, my aim is www secured serv and i have yahoo too if anyone needs it.

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    hi guys, first let me say thanks for your interest. I've been receiving alot of offers and emails about this.

    What i decided to do , is sell multiple copies of this script, in two versions basic and pro.

    basic won't have the cpanel integration nor the digital download.

    pro will include everything including updates.

    Basic will cost $299 installed
    Pro will cost $599 installed

    Email if you need to reach me. thanks

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