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    how do I tie in a message forum to my web site?

    I'm setting up my web site on godaddy. I want to have a message forum for it, but (heavy sigh) I don't have the first clue as to how I do that.

    Can you point me to another thread, a site, or something that explains this? Or maybe it's not that complexe and you just tell me.

    Sometimes I'm so new I scare myself. Thanks a lot for the great help. Sooner or later I'll be able to give back to the board and help others as they come in.

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    Well you would need to look at their help guide or FAQ.
    To setup a phpbb (free forum) then the host must support php, MySQL.
    As long as your host supports this (and does allow forums) you should be OK, and a forum takes about 10 minutes to install.
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    These are a few that I've heard of:

    All of them have pages that describe how to set them up and demos on their website.
    vBulletin and phpBB are quite easy to install, but I've never install the others.

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    Cool. thank you.

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    We would recommend trying out:
    AIM Screen Name - buyourweb
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    And I would recommend SMF for free software and vBulletin for paid software

    Not sure what kind of control panel GoDaddy has, however, poke around there and see if they have anything that would be installable via their control panel.
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    I agree, SMF is in my opinion the best free board.

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