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    Creating an online store.

    My friend will be creating an online store selling soap, candles, brushes and that type of stuff. I'll have about 400 products.

    He has a domain and bought Small Business Merchands Solutions (basic).

    Not knowing Yahoo very well, my suggestion to him would be to get some "normal" UNIX hosting and get a program such as OSCommerce. I don't know of Yahoo supports OSCommerce

    What do you guys think? Would you go with the Yahoo thing or the other way? Which is easier/better to customize, handle?

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    Personally as a buyer I stay away from yahoo shops. They look like 1 person establishments and never get my trust.
    So I think having some nice storefront under your own domain helps a lot.

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    I would definitely stay away from Yahoo. Depending on his customers, they might not mind shopping on a site backend by Yahoo. Personally, I find Yahoo based sites cheezy and so, the people building it as well. So it's a big turn off for me. If they are non-technical, they might not mind it and may embrace because of the brand. However, on the checkout pages, it's going to be branded with Yahoo which looks a little un professional.

    Also, they stick you with a 1.5% transaction fee ontop of each transaction.

    Personally, I would go with X-Cart instead of OSCommerce.
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