Yesterday Ensim have announced new CPs.
First I thought that my requests and other ensim users for enhancement was considered (at least). But... look at innovation in new Control Panel:

Ensim Ignite services include:
[list=1][*]E-mail marketing: Solutions to help your customers market their product and services[*]Payment processing: Payment systems for your customers´┐Ż ecommerce business[*]SSL certificates: Authentication services for your customers´┐Ż Web sites[*]Site engine optimisation (SEO). SEO services to help your customers promote their Web sites[/list=1]
Other features of Ensim Pro 4.0 include:
[list=1][*]Advanced site information dashboard for Site Administrators[*]Ability to switch between IP-based and name-based sites[*]Automatic login capability for Site Administrators to the User[*]Administration control panel[*]Password protection for CGI-BIN directories[/list=1]

And that's all... It seems like they do not work anymore on their products.