As someone who runs a small hosting company that has grown slowly but surely over the last couple of years I am soon going to out grow the semi dedicated server I share with a couple of others.

I am not growing fast obviously, and I have no intentions of doing so. I pick up small business customers slowly but surely from my daily computer and network support service. This is good for me and all I need.

Anyway, in the process of evaluating dedicated servers at different data centers one of the things you see alot is "managed". Now, my idea of managed right now is what I have with this semi dedicated server. They do everything, OS updates and security, and getting WHM / Cpanel updated and just having everything ready to go so that all I had to do was move accounts over and setup new accounts and resellers.

I dont know of a data center that offers that level of "management". It would be nice to get a new server and not have to worry about anything in the beginning but moving clients and so forth.

The key thing missing from most "managed" servers is the lack of setting up WHM/Cpanel and keeping it updated.

So, does anyone know of a solutions that encompass everything so that all I have to worry about is adding and setting up clients in WHM and such.

If no data center provides this level of service, what server management companies do this? I tried contacting "easy server management" I think that was theie name and never heard back from them.

Anyway, if anyone has any recommendations on data centers or server management companies that provide this level of management I would be very interested in checking them out.