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    DNS Newbie Guide

    Hi can anyone tell me how to set up the DNS properly with WHM?
    i've been searching around and there are loads of mixed up DNS set up guide, can someone write a proper complete newbie DNS guide for WHM?
    because i got the rndc everytime i start cpanel i've tried using the script update and fix method but it still doesn't work so probably my DNS is not set up correctly. Also my domains are managed by godaddy i've added the ip that i assigned as name server corresponding to godaddy but it says Error Host Unknown i asked their support and they said my ip are not resolvable i tried using the resolve dns in WHM and it still doesn't work can anyone help me out, or write/give me a complete newbie guide(step by step) to set up DNS so if i missed out/did something wrong i can know

    thanks in advance

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    I configured the dns a few time with whm,
    and this guied is wotking fine.
    Misha B.
    Benis Computers and Communication

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