Hey everyone. Thanks for your interest. Well Design Alpha is approaching its 1 year mark in the hosting sector. To celebrate we are revamping our website and we have eliminated all our set-up charges on every account and placed the space/bandwidth ratios higher then most of the our quality hosts out there to show everyone there is still value to be found at Design Alpha.

Please see the basic listing of the the packages here: http://www.designalpha.com/hosting.php

If you would like to see pricing, features, and each package compared side by side please view here:

Currently we only accept PayPal (or credit cards though PayPal), Check, or Money Order. (Credit Cards will be accepted though a gateway in the coming months, but we are in the process of chaning processors.)

Each of the packages also offers more features then before. We have also added a new client backend to increase billing management and support requests.

If you have any questions feel free to reply, PM me, or email [email protected]

Shane Sammons
Owner Design Alpha