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    Unhappy Having Problem with my IPS show up as privite IPS ?? at

    Setting up a server at managed .com with webmin, everything looks ok to me but when I do a test on the server it tell me that its on a private ip ??.
    At the momment it does not seem to be mapping to addresses that i have sent to it but the main one has got there ?.
    Can any one guide me please a copy of my file and search are bellow.
    Thanks in advance

    $ttl 30M
    ***********. IN SOA ns1.***********. (
    30M )
    ***********. IN A
    www.***********. IN CNAME ***********.
    ns1.***********. IN A
    ns2.***********. IN A
    ns3.***********. IN A
    ns4.***********. IN A
    ***********. IN NS ns1.***********.
    ***********. IN NS ns2.***********.
    mail.***********.IN A
    ***********. IN MX 1 mail.***********.
    ***********. IN NS ns3.***********.
    ***********. IN NS ns4.***********.

    and report is
    Error: At least one of your NS records points to an IP address that is not a public IP. The problem IP(s) are: is not a public IP is not a public IP is not a public IP is not a public IP

    These IPs are not reachable on the Internet, causing DNS delays, extra resource usage, and possibly no DNS response.

    All the 4 ips are active but am i missing an entry somwere ????

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    Are you having validated instances of people other than yourself not being able to get to your site?

    I know Whoiscart had obtained a server at managed and experienced the same issue.

    Here is the thread

    Scroll down and read the post by Seaven in that thread...

    Hope that helps...

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    i asked regarding this b4, here is the reply from them

    Dear Customer,

    The IP block that was assigned to us was previously a private IP block but after it has been assigned to us, it became public IPs. It is just that the database has not been updated on either ARIN on which ever database that dnsreports gets their information from.

    If you are able to ping to that IP, then it is on a public domain.

    Best Regards,
    so, nothing much we could do, i guess we have to wait.

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    Thanks for that info, its been sending me around the bend as i could not see what the problem was and just kept getting those reports back from .
    All my other servers at other places show up perfectly by this new one just kept showing me the ip problem.
    I will send an email to to see if they can check there configerations on this set of ip addreses.

    Thanks for your time all

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    Managed already replied -- dnsreport is giving you bad data back. The IPs must be publicly routable if people can access them.

    Have you considered leasing a managed dedicated server?
    Jim Reardon - jim/

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    I have not had any repies from managed, that above is an answere from them a while go to another person!.
    So your saying dns report is wrong when all my other servers come up fine with there testing, I just did a ptr test and its telling me there no prt entry on the server infront of mine so hence no public IP.
    As far as a manged server ive already got a raq at uk2net which is fine for me as well as some reseller cpanel jobs for other sites.

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    Can you access the IPs?

    Yes -> The "error" is meaningless and incorrect.
    No -> You have bigger issues than the DNS error.

    Simply put, the problem is with the report not the IPs. The report is using invalid information and therefore the results are meaningless. Move on, you don't have a problem.
    Jim Reardon - jim/

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