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    Unhappy Site Studio Question


    I have a client who is building a site using Site Studio. The client wants to include a SlideShow ( they are Photographers). They have created a slideshow and sent it to me on CD - all 24 megs of it mind you!

    The question(s) is -where do I upload the Slideshow to? Do I have to create a folder ( I am a reseller using H-Sphere) on their account and on the site, could it be seen on an existing page of their built site or would they need to create a new page.

    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


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    The easiest way to do a slideshow for them, is to create a subdomain on their domain, and call it Then make sure php is enabled on the subdomain, and upload the open source gallery program ( Configure it for them with a template that looks similar to their site, then upload their images for them to show them how it works.

    Then tell them the user/pass to log into gallery, and they can then upload pics on their own and create slideshows.

    To see a sample of what gallery looks like, here is my gallery.

    And here is what the slideshow feature looks like

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    Gallery In Site Studio

    Thanks for that - great pics too!

    You seem to know your Site Studio - one other thing, can you add Swish to a Site Studio page?

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