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    Question Change DNS to hosting provider, what happens if GoDaddy (domain registrar) goes down?

    I change the DNS with GoDaddy to point to the nameserver of a hosting company. All is fine and dandy.

    What happens if GoDaddy's server goes down, does that affect my site hosted with my hosting provider?

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    Cosmos75 I would not worry about that.... GoDaddy is big company with good assets....there are third largest domains registerar..... thats my opinion

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    Thank you for your reply.

    I don't think that I explained it properly (newbie.. sorry).

    I am wondering what happens if GoDaddy's server goes down, does that affect the DNS pointed to my hosting provider? (i.e. does GoDaddy's server need to be up for the DNS to be pointed to my hosting provider?). I hope I am using the right terminology here...

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    To be frank, after 9/11, I believe everything can go down. But I would be worrying about other things (like if your house will be on fire or the federal government declaring bankruptcy) than any of the ICANN-accredited registrars folding.

    By the way, your DNS info is stored with the registry. Of course, registries could go down too, along with that dozen (13 to be more exact) of root servers; but hey, we better watch out for the aliens who were showing up in Mexico. LOL!

    In short: Don't worry!
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    You got good sense of humor... nameslave.. but I take more positive outlook on law enforcement and house on fire aspects..untill now guess

    Anyways adding to what nameslave said to answer you questions cosmos75.... That information is replicated to the root server and the top level domain servers and many even have it stored in cache memory on the regional/local dns servers..... Unless you have long time downtime with godaddy servers i think you would be to say you would not be hidden to the whole world just part of the world....based on the servers who replication process is quicker than others....

    Hope that answers you questions
    Good Luck

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