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    Reseller account without registered domain

    I have a dedicated server with cpanle/whm . I can add reseller privileges to any of the domain accounts hosted on the server.

    And my question is:
    How can I create a reseller account without the need to have a domain account to which to set the reseller previleges ?
    I want just to create a reseller accounts for users who don't have a domain name registered.

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    Well, that doesn't sound like the safest thing to do, but that is just MHO.

    You can use whatever domain you want to set up reseller accounts. You could do, etc. I'm fairly certain WHM doesn't check to see if the domain is registered upon setup.
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    Yes, you can add the domain without having it resolve to anything. WHM will simply create the acct, and then you can access it thru http://ip-here/~username.

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