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    Question what's the cheapest host that supports a discussion board?

    i'd like to host a site that supports discussion boards .. not
    expecting a whole lot of traffic initially. availability is not a
    big issue .. but cost is

    any recommendations?


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    Try free ones:
    New site:

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    Can you define "Cheap" in term of $$$..

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    Well, for us to give a recommendation it would be good to know exactly what your requirements are: space, bandwidth, price and any other special featurea that you might need (like fantastico for examle).

    As Sash! said, mosts hosts will support discussion boards. While cost is always an issue, going for the cheapest solution is never the wisest decision. Go for the cheapest and yet highly reliable host that offers what you need.

    Good luck!

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    Indeed requirements are nice

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    Most of the forums requires MySQL and PHP, and most of the linux hosts support these two. You can also try

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    And you can choose a host that have Cpanel and with a simgle click a phpbb forum will be installed.For start 30MB spoace and 1 gig trafic will be more that enough.Than, in time you can upgrade.
    I would also recommand you not to go with the cheapest...Money is not all, and you will realise this if it happens to your host to go offline for good, with your databases and stuff.
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    There are many great web hosts that can provide this type of service for minimum cost. Don't always go with the cheapest web host.
    Most message boards will use mySQL and PHP to operate, if you choose a cheap web host your site will run very slow because of slow hardware. Make sure the host you pick has cPanel with Fantastico for an easy setup of your new message board.
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    Cool thanks for all the suggestions!!!

    sorry i wasn't being very clear in my original post.. i guess i didn't
    really know what is involved. so it looks like cpanel with php/mysql
    is the one to go.. i'll try them out ..

    thanks again for all your kindness

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    maybe satisfies you.. also search google for some hosts (easy to find cheap ones) and then check out reviews here at WHT
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    If you wanna jerry-rig it, you could always use Yahoo Groups. It's free, and reliable. Would also give you a chance to see whether a bulletin board wouldeven be popular with your visitors. Then you could always upgrade to a nicer looking BB.
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