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Thread: Starting a site

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    Starting a site

    I'm thinking of starting a site like 3D Gamers and file front and stuff for game demo,patches and stuff like that.Anyone know about how much bandwidth this would use?I'm Guessing alot, im thinking a 100mbit shared for public free server then a private 10mbps for subscriptions and as that fills up upgrade.What do you think?

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    depends on how popular it would be and unless you have big connections, I doubt it would be hitting it off until later on.. But if it's a mirror of a more popular site, expect to get hit hard.

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    I know but im saying if we did grow and got a mirror on a games site what would we be expecting.

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    push at least 80 mbps and this was from a semi popular mod release. New upgrades and patches can be a pain.
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    thanks pixel

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