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    [FOR SALE]Sleek Gaming/Regular Template

    +Open Bid on Sleek Multi-Platform Layout+

    Here is the Product:

    +What you Get+

    1 layout PSD
    Full Rights(No reselling however!)
    All extra options(See below)


    Bidding will start at $20. Minimum increases of at least 1$ please.

    Buy out at $70 with extras


    Coded into HTML with no additional charges
    Simple color changes, and small affects can be added
    Free support on any questions you have
    25% off a future project (Good through the year)

    Looking for heavy customizations on this template? For a small fee of only $8 per hour, i will make any changes you see fitting


    Currently I only accept money orders as my PayPal is fooked


    You can either PM me here, or catch me on e-mail. [email protected]

    Here is my AIM also: TheMidgetOnCrack

    Thank you, and happy bidding

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    Lowered price, buy out at only 50 dollars with all extras

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    Not a bad design, hope you get a good sale.

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    Hey Hiryu. DO NOT lower the price anymore. If someone doesn't know a good value when they see it, you shouldn't have to pay for them.

    Great layout, and good luck.

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    Thats awesome, I really like it

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    Thanks for the comments everyone, and don't worry hiei, I won't

    Let me know if you are interested guys

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    pretty cool

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    Originally posted by oodaeoo
    pretty cool

    I will leave this bid open through next Wendsday, any offers feel free to IM or PM me!

    Thank you.

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